Thank You for choosing Happy Family Store!

  1. Our contact info is above, or click “contact” on the menu to send us message through the website.
  2. A representative can be reached at 855.506.6999, where you can request to speak directly to a pharmacist.
  3. Information regarding financial responsibilities including out of pocket costs, deductibles, co-pays can be discussed with a Meds in Motion representative.
  4. If Happy Family Store is out-of-network, you will be informed in the initial conversation with a pharmacy representative.
  5. Product information including product selection and methods to obtain medication that is not available can be discussed with a Meds in Motion representative.
  6. If you have any questions about how to request a prescription to be filled or how to request a refill of a prescription, please call!
  7. If there is a disaster or an emergency, then you can contact Meds in Motion and speak with a representative to discuss obtaining medications.
  8. Through the “My Prescriptions” portal you can access current prescriptions and vital information pertaining to the prescription, such as medication information, order status, health, and safety information.
  9. If there is a medication substitution this information is provided on the prescription label. However, you are encouraged to call our pharmacists if there is a concern of an error. We work hard to make sure every patient of ours is taken care of. Your state’s pharmacy board is available for any concerns we are not able to rectify.
  10. If you want to have a prescription transferred, we are happy to call and request the transfer (this will us to obtain all demographics and insurance info).
  11. Patient Rights and Responsibilities can be found on the Meds inn Motion website, under “My Prescriptions”
  12. If you or any of your medications are affected by any drug recalls, then Meds in Motion will contact you with instructions.
  13. If you are having an adverse drug reaction, you should contact you doctor/pharmacist immediately.
  14. If you need help or advice in disposing of your medication, please go to the FDA’s website. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us.
  15. If you have any concerns, you can call and speak to a representative. If the issue cannot be resolved on that level, the patient can request to speak to a manager. If at level they would like to further escalate it will be directed to the PIC and past that to the VP of operations and the Quality Management Committee. You may voice your concerns and grievances or file a complaint with pharmacy management without fear of discrimination or reprisal.