It’s a bad idea to buy drugs at a drugstore knowing nothing about it. We review all online drugstores using a certain research pattern. After two weeks of our thorough investigation, this is what we can say about Trust Pharmacy.

Trust Pharmacy ReviewBasic Information to Know

Before you decide to buy your medicines online here, you should check information about its history and reputation.


The pharmacy started offering its services in 2006, but its roots go back to 1998. It was founded as a family business project. Due to that, it has high-standard values.

It’s over 20 years in the pharmaceutical world which is very promising for its new clients. The longer the pharmacy exists, the more experience it has. As a rule, scam companies disappear within 5 years due to numerous claims and negative feedback. Many customers turn to responsible authorities to apply restrictions or close the drugstore’s functionality for good.

Another positive feature to mention is its real-time upgrading. Regarding official reports, together with SCiStar, it developed one of the most comfortable online selling platforms. It provides the best buying experience and custom support. Besides, the variety of drugs rises daily due to the increasing demands of clients.

User experience

Consequently, we deal with a real online drugstore. Judging its testimonial page, all customers give 4–5 stars for the provided service. It has a reward for a happy customer experience with a positive general public reputation.

Over a hundred students applied for Internships in this online drugstore in 2020. So, it shares operating experience with others.

Trust Pharmacy Pricing and legality

As it operates only online, the pharmacy preserves pretty low prices. The company works only with drugs whose quality was approved by the FDA. The pharmacy has many profit and non-profit partners worldwide, such as WHO, DfID, SI Research & Training Institute.Inc., etc. It is also certified and has the required accreditations to operate legally in the pharmaceutical market.

What Products Does It Offer?

The pharmacy has a decent choice of drugs. They are well-systematized to let one understand what treats what. Each separate page for each product includes manual information for patients.

Specialty drugs

Except for common drugs, Trust Pharmacy has categories of drugs for specialty diseases such as HIV, cancer, ED, hair loss, and others.

The pharmacy provides two types of drugs — generic and brand. Both types have the same active ingredient. The main difference is in the patented composition, pricing, and additives.

Brands and derivatives

People trust brand products because they have a verified reputation. A manufacturing company was the first to invent an original formula and sell it under an original name. When their patent expired, other pharmacies started using the existing formula but sold it under other names. They had to replace some additives or change the form to avoid plagiarism concerns and the consequent lawsuits.

TrustPharmcy offers several generics of one product to meet the needs of different clients. Its online assistants aren’t responsible for side effects resulting from the wrong product selection. Patients must consult their health experts and follow their recommendations.


All drugs are the FDA-approved. They are sold legally. However, some of them require a doctor’s prescription in brick-and-mortar drugstores. So, one should be careful when buying OTC drugs.

Can One Afford Treatment at Trust Pharmacy?

Trust Pharmacy offers relatively low prices compared to other drugstores. It’s explained by its mere online functionality. The pharmacy claims to save up to 90% of your budget compared to the brick-and-mortar drugstores.

Most discounts concern generics and bulk purchase options. In other words, the more pills one buys, the bigger the discount is.

Reliable customers get a 10% discount for each next order. If the cost of the purchase exceeds $200, there will be a standard free delivery service. Sometimes the pharmacy provides coupons. One should insert them when filling out the order form.

Some products have a special gift program. One should follow the news on the website to get it.

We haven’t found any specific loyalty program with systematic rewards. Nevertheless, the store has attractive prices, so the loyalty program is not a necessity. However, it could be a great feature to offer.

Is Trust Pharmacy Website Comfortable to Use?

The website is well-structed. It is easy to find the required product and the custom support. An order form is intuitive when filling in.

One should click Start Shopping Now to see the available products. A cool option is the Sitemap which displays everything you can find on the website. One can see it at the bottom of the webpage after proceeding to shopping.

If one cannot find the required product on the list, there is a search line that requires the keyword. It works well, though it lacks a smart keyboard option for getting hints about the searched product.

Another variant to find the drug is to ask online assistants to help choose analogs. They can inform you about the best generics or brands and guide you to the appropriate description page. Each product has an article describing its ingredients, doses, side effects, and treatment plans.

The pharmacy website works well on mobile devices. There is no need to download an app as it functions without difficulties on different devices. The store has its official page on Twitter, Facebook, Google, Friendfeed, Digg, Slashdot, and Delicious.

It takes a couple of seconds to find everything one needs on the website. No wonder customers on Trustpilot leave positive feedback about the drugstore and overall user experience.

Is It Hard to Order the Required Goods?

One doesn’t have to register on the website to order medicines. It’s necessary to take several simple steps to buy what you need.

  1. Find the medicine you need and click the pack with the required amount of the drug.
  2. Choose the shipping method and add the needed product to the cart or checkout.
  3. New customers need to mention their information and address details.
  4. Choose the payment method and send a prescription.
  5. Tick the refill option if necessary.
  6. Submit the order and wait for the parcel to co come.

The pharmacy guarantees security thanks to the SSL protocol and various safety programs like McAfee, Comodo Secure, and Security Metrics.

How Does It Deliver Orders?

A person can choose between two delivery options — standard and trackable.

The standard one costs about $10, but the cost rises for long distances. The delivery cost can be canceled if the cost of the parcel exceeds $200. It is available in almost all countries. The only disadvantage is its slowness. The parcel delivery can take up to 21 days. Besides, one cannot track it.

The second delivery option is three times more expensive but lets one track the delivery progress. Moreover, one can decide when to expect the package. A courier delivers the parcel under your conditions. The delivery will take 14 days maximum or even 24 hours for extra fees.

The pharmacy offers shipping insurance for $5. The parcel usually looks like an ordinary letter. Nobody can learn about what is inside it. Such packaging guarantees anonymity to all customers. One can track such an order via the order status on the website. One needs to submit the order number and email address to get information about the order.

What Payment Options Does the Pharmacy Offer

Trust Pharmacy promises only secure payment options. It accepts credit cards and cryptocurrency. Typically, people choose Mastercard, Discover, Visa, JCB, or Amex. However, if you choose cryptocurrency (Bitcoin or Ethereum) to pay for the parcel, you will get a 10% discount.

If you order something, you will be redirected to the secure checkout page. It will manifest all the security tools used for safe financial transactions.

Is There Any Refund Policy?

The company promises a Refund Policy to dissatisfied customers. According to the customer’s legal rights, one can return the parcel within 14 days. However, not all products can be returned due to their expiration dates or storage peculiarities. The received packaging must be undamaged.

Another reason for a refund request is a damaged parcel or when something is wrong with the drugs. As soon as the company gets the parcel, it initiates the refunding process.

How to Contact Online Support Service

One can solve order difficulties with the help of online support. Customers can contact Trust Pharmacy via one of the available options:

  • a phone call
  • an email
  • a message in the message form

Online calls are answered immediately and available in the USA and Canada. Written requests need a couple of minutes to get the answer.

99% of customers are satisfied with both deliveries and customer support. It means the quality of the services provided is decent.

The website has an FAQ section with answers to typical questions. They answer questions about the products, shipping, delivery, order processing, and payments. This section is helpful as it provides a lot of useful information to new customers.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have an online chat as a pop-up option. Overseas clients should either cover phone call expenses or write emails to get support which is not that convenient. Online support center is available on the Order page which is not easy to find for a beginner.

What Are the Strong Sides of the Trust Pharmacy?

The pharmacy doesn’t sell drugs without a prescription, but it helps customers choose correctly. The website has educational articles about various diseases and approaches to their treatment.

Online consultants can discuss the choice of analogs with customers if the requested ones are not on the product list.

The website developers do their best to protect their customers’ personal space. They have installed antiviral systems and use SSL protocols to protect their data.

The conditions of collaboration are introduced clearly on the website. The pharmacy follows the rules of the country and protects the rights of every customer. It has an official license to operate on the market and offer its services.

User Reviews and Testimonials

The easiest way to prove the chosen pharmacy is not a scam is to check its testimonials. Trust Pharmacy posts feedback from its customers. The good news, it seems to be real. It means moderators don’t alter them for the sake of positive ratings. We have found similar feedback on other trustworthy review websites about Trust Pharmacy.

The testimonial page is filled with comments on the drugstore’s work and problem solution. Here is some feedback to evaluate.

“I have difficulties with creating a medication plan. My doctor has prescribed so many pills that I felt confused about their correct intake. When ordering them at TrustPharmacy, I contacted its online assistants. They suggested a cool app for medication planning and gave me sound pieces of advice. By the way, the quality of delivery and drugs is also great.”

“My order was processed within 15 minutes. I paid for my parcel with my credit card, and it arrived in two days as promised. The packaging is solid. All drugs are not expired or damaged. Nothing to complain about.”

“They failed to process my order quickly because of technical difficulties. As for the excuse, they gave me a discount for the next order. Thanks for you respecting my time this way.”

New Perspectives on a Horizont

The company plans to expand its services and offer them in other overseas countries. Today, the website has four languages — Spanish, English, French, and Italian. However, the order form has more languages to offer:

  • Swedish
  • Japanese
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Danish
  • Finnish
  • Polish
  • Czech
  • Dutch
  • Greek

Speaking about the currency, the main page claims to accept Canadian dollars, American dollars, Australian dollars, Euros, and Swiss Francs. But the payment safe page enlists 25+ currencies.

Summing Up: Is Trust Pharmacy Good Enough?

  • The pharmacy cannot deliver orders to all countries. When someone orders pills from non-inclusive countries, the Secure Checkout Page informs about the inability to receive the ordered parcel.
  • The pharmacy has low prices and takes one of the leading positions in the market among the existing online drugstores. Each order is safe and confidential.
  • Its website is already compatible with various devices and apps. The company plans to expand its services to satisfy the needs of all customers from different parts of the globe.

So, we stay positive about Trust Pharmacy and hope to write another review with updates. By now, we can state it’s not a scam. It has attractive prices and favorable delivery services.

About Author:

Dan holds a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree from Roseman University. He worked in various retail pharmacies including Walmart, Shopko and Harmon’s before starting Meds in Motion. He is passionate about giving healthcare professionals the tools they need to provide the best care for their patients.